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Interested in the video photo montage or related business? Our site is Google optimized for West Bloomfield, Birmingham, Michigan and the Detroit area for video and photo montage search terms with high ranking on page one when searching Google. If you're interested in buying the domain name Call 248-788-3342 or e-mail: info@software-exchange.com.

Terms of Agreement

In submitting your montage order you agree to the following terms:

I warrant that I have the right to publish the materials submitted and I agree to indemnify MONTAGES BY BECKY & Software Exchange LLC in the event that my rights to the materials are challenged. I warrant that the content does not infringe on any copyright or trademark.  I agree to indemnify MONTAGES BY BECKY & Software Exchange LLC in any challenge or legalities that may arise do to the publication of the montage order submitted.


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Phone Number

E-mail Address

Number of photos?

How will you send the photos?

(numbered in file name)
on CD/flash drive (numbered in file name)
mail with hard copies (stacked in order or labeled) ($25 surcharge)

Please list the songs you would like in your montage, in order, along with the artists.

If you would like any special photo editing, please identify the photo (by number, file name, or description), which effect you would like, and any preferences (colors, etc.)

Any other requests, questions, or notes? This is where you can request any special effects or text you would like put into the montage. (Ex: Name of person in montage, birth date)

If you are having trouble with this form, feel free to send this information to info@software-exchange.com.